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The Boston Globe has invited newspapers across the country to stand up for the free press today with editorials. Hundreds of publications have pledged to participate as is evident in the Associated Press story printed below.

The editorials are a response to President Donald Trumpís assertion that journalists are the ďenemy of the peopleĒ if they print news he doesnít like.

Some newspapers may also point out that Mr. Trump has raised newsprint costs by 25 percent by imposing tariffs on Canadian paper.


Here at the Chesterton Tribune we usually donít have time to write editorials.

We are too busy trying to cover local news and get the newspaper delivered to our paying customers.

If we did have the time to write editorials we would likely point out:

*  That ideology is worthless if it isnít based on real world facts.

*  That America canít be great without a respect for science and science education.

*  That it is not the act of a conservative to bust the budget in order to get votes in the next election.

Among other things.

Most likely we wouldnít write about those subjects at all. We would probably focus on state and local topics:

*  That Duneland is great because Republicans and Democrats work together to get things done.

*  That the Duneland Schools deserve our support.

*  That the publicís business should be conducted in public.

*  That every public board should have public comment on its regular meeting agenda.

*  And, of course, that the Indiana Dunes State Park should never be for sale to private developers.

What we do have time to say is that in our travels through the community we donít see much evidence of the national discord.

Dunelanders are out there staffing the Resale Shop, coaching youth sports, supporting our veterans, building the YMCA, the Chesterton Art Center, the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of other groups without regard to whether the person next to them watches Fox or MSNBC.

And that is the way it should be.



Posted 8/16/2018




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