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Volunteers urged to join in the fun at Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival

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Volunteers are still needed for the upcoming Wizard of Oz Fest, Sept. 14,15 and 16, in downtown Chesterton.

“The Duneland Business Initiative Group has made a commitment to our businesses, families, community, and economy. DBIG organizes three festivals in Chesterton’s downtown and the Wizard of Oz Festival is the next upcoming event. This is no small feat with the number of things that need to be done, but somehow someway it all comes together, and it is because of the volunteers,” said organizer Machelle Blount.

“Whether it is rebuilding, relaying, or belonging to one of the many local non-profit clubs, it is the core belief that community is what we make it and we volunteer for a cause,” she added.

“Some say volunteering is a thankless job - I suppose it is all in the attitude. We have fun, we know it is for a good cause and when you see the number of festival-goers hitting the streets after the parade you understand what this is all about. Whether you help with the souvenir stand, parade, take tickets for an event, line up Dorothys for the Look-a-Like contests, or help keep the grounds clean and safe – you know you are a part of something big for our town.”

An estimated 40,000 people will be visiting downtown Chesterton the weekend of September 14-16, and the need for volunteers is tremendous.

To volunteer please contact Machelle Blount at 219-406-0654 or


Posted 9/6/2012