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Parks operation spending less than $27 per resident in Chesterton and Porter

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The Parks and Recreation program is arguably one of the best measures of a community’s quality of life.

The total amount spent on Parks and Recreation by Chesterton, Porter, Burns Harbor, and Valparaiso is comprised chiefly of the following: daily operations, funded by a dedicated property-tax rate; and one or more “non-reverting” funds, usually earmarked for daily operations or capital outlay and funded with the proceeds from park user fees.

In addition, a municipality may supplement its annual expenditure on Parks and Recreation with moneys from other sources: its share of the county economic development income tax (CEDIT); grants; or special equipment funds.

Two municipalities, Chesterton and Valparaiso, also issued bonds for facility improvements; and one, Porter, is using tax increment financing (TIF) revenues to finance a trail project.

Daily Operations

In 2006 the four municipalities spent the following levied amounts to fund daily operations for Parks and Recreation:

Chesterton: $326,598; (per capita $26.22)

Add $115,903 from Non-reverting Operating (per capita $9.31); and $12,000 in CEDIT for part-time salary (per capita 96 cents) for total daily operations of $454,501 (per capita $36.49)

Porter: $117,145; (per capita $22.05.)

 The Chesterton Tribune was unable to identify a Non-reverting Operating fund.

Burns Harbor: $49,849; (per capita $49.11)

 Add $2,311 from Non-reverting Operating (per capita $2.27) for total daily operations of $52,160 (per capita $51.39).

Valparaiso: $2,574,624; (per capita $87.22)

 Add $38,474 from Non-reverting Operating (per capita $1.30); and $400,298 earmarked specifically for daily operations at Creekside Golf Course (per capita $13.56) for total daily operations of $3,013,396 (per capita $102.09).

Supplemental Expenditures

Total and per capita supplemental spending on Parks and Recreation in 2006:

Chesterton: $1,732,819; per capita $139.12. Comprised of $1,589,205 from the proceeds of a bond for facility improvements (per capita $127.59); $137,605 in CEDIT for softball field lights at Dogwood Park (per capita $11.05); and $6,009 in CEDIT as a match for a grant from the Department of Natural Resources for the Westchester-Liberty Trail (per capita 48 cents).

Porter: $28,539; per capita $5.37. The Redevelopment Commission spent that amount in TIF on the Porter Brickyard Trail.

Burns Harbor: $7,558; per capita $7.45. The Town Council appropriated that amount from Cumulative Capital Development for a mower.

Valparaiso: $858,993; per capita $29.10. Comprised of $557,792.57 for three separate bonds (per capita $19.58); $252,914.66 from Non-reverting Capital (per capita $8.57); $13.271.33 in CEDIT for a truck (per capita 45 cents); $12,000 from Capital Equipment Fund for a truck (per capita 41 cents); $1,857 in a grant from the PGA (per capita 6 cents); and $1,157 in miscellaneous spending (per capita 4 cents).

Total Parks Spending

Total and per capita spending on Parks and Recreation in 2006:

Chesterton: total $2,187,320; per capita $175.60.

Porter: total $145,685; per capita $27.42.

Burns Harbor: total $59,719; per capita $58.84.

•Valparaiso: total $3,872,390; per capita $131.20.


Posted 9/27/2007