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2 more deaths in county; daily and weekly case records set; active cases top 1000

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Two more Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19.

The Porter County Health Department (PCHD) reported their deaths on Saturday. One victim was a Liberty Township resident; the other, a Union Township resident. One was in the 60-69 demographic; the other, the 70-79 demographic. One was a resident of a long-term care facility (LTCF).

To date, 58 Porter County residents have died of COVID-19. Twelve of them were Dunelanders: eight Westchester Township residents and four Liberty Township. Twenty-two were Portage Township residents; 22 Center Township; and two Union Township. Deaths by demographic: one in the 40-49; six in the 50-59; nine in the 60-69; 14 in the 70-79; 14 in the 80-89; and 14 in the 90-and-over. Please note: PCHD has amended its running tally of deaths by township and deaths by demographic.

New Cases

Also on Saturday, PCHD reported 114 new cases of COVID-19, a new one-day record, exceeding the previous record of 104 set only 48 hours previously, on Thursday.

The week ending Saturday, Oct. 31, saw a total of 583 new cases, a new seven-day record as well, exceeding the previous record of 457 set during the week ending Saturday, Oct. 24. Put last week’s 583 cases in context: it took the first 13 weeks of the pandemic for Porter County to record 599 cases.

Over the last 72 hours, Friday-Sunday, PCHD reported a total of 275 new cases, to bring the total so far to 3,965. PCHD reported 73 new cases on Friday; 114 on Saturday; and 88 on Sunday.

Of those 275 new cases, 173--or 63 percent--were in the younger demographics: 30 in the 0-20 (559 total); 50 in the 20-29 (723 total); 52 in the 30-39 (636 total); and 41 in the 40-49 (592 total).

The remaining 102 cases--or 37 percent--were in the older demographics: 49 in the 50-59 (627 total); 34 in the 60-69 (423 total); nine in the 70-79 (223 total); four in the 80-89 (119 total); and six in the 90-and-over (63).


Eleven of the 275 new cases were reported in long-term care facilities, to bring the total so far to 221, up from 210 on Thursday.

Of those 221 cases, seven are currently hospitalized, up from six on Thursday; 88 have recovered; and 38 have died, up from six on Thursday. Right now there are 95 active COVID-19 cases in Porter County LTCFs.

Over the first six months of the pandemic--from March 17, when PCHD first started tracking COVID-19 numbers, to Oct. 16--a total of 119 cases was reported in LTCFs. In only 17 days, that number has grown by fully 102 new cases, or 88 percent.

Hospitalizations/Active Cases

Meanwhile, PCHD reported 24 hospitalizations on Sunday, up from 20 on Thursday.

Total active cases as of Thursday, after subtracting 2,799 recoveries and 58 deaths: 1,108, up from 854 on Thursday.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and a seven-day rolling average unique-individual positivity rate

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Sunday: 340 (302 on Sunday, Oct. 25).

-- Unique-individual positivity rate as of Oct. 24: 21.1 percent (19.4 on Oct. 23). Note: the positivity rate lags up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township

-- Westchester: 466 cases (441 on Thursday). 122 active cases.

-- Liberty: 262 cases (229 on Thursday). Eighty-seven active cases.

-- Jackson: 71 cases (68 on Thursday). Seventeen active cases.

-- Pine: 15 cases (14 on Thursday). Three active cases.

Other Townships

-- Portage: 1,287 cases (1,206 on Thursday). 323 active cases.

-- Center: 1,120 (1,035 on Thursday). 367 active cases.

-- Washington: 155 cases (145 on Thursday). Thirty-five active cases.

-- Union: 212 cases (196 on Thursday). Fifty-four cases.


Posted 11/2/2020




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