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CHS Class of 1951 celebrates 50th

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The CHS Class of '51 recently celebrated its 50th Class Reunion and class member Becky Dunbar submitted a creative account of the weekend event which follows.

Dear Maude,

Remember a year ago I wrote to tell you the Chesterton High School Class of ‘51 was planning a 50th celebration? Well it was last weekend.

So sorry you were unable to attend, but let me tell you what went on. On Friday night we were invited to Bob and Becky Brodbeck Dunbar’s for a social hour. It was neat to get reacquainted, enjoy a buffet from a beautiful table setting and talk to our former business teacher, Mary Dold, who surprised everyone. We didn’t think she would be able to be there.

Saturday morning we arrived at the new high school for a tour of the facilities. Oh my gosh, what a treat that was. We remember when the auditorium and gym were all together. Bob Henderson, a former CHS shop teacher who just retired, showed us around. The radio and TV section is something else. Computers everywhere. No wonder my grandkids know so much about them. And here I struggle.

Saturday evening we went to Sand Creek Country Club where we were greeted by Arlene Vedell Luke, Nancy Olson Miller, Don Pratt and George Rhed. Went to the Library where Fran Kolic Nallenweg and Doris Janoski Pritchard were waiting for us to pick up our name badges which had our ‘51 picture. Of course we all look a tad different than we did 50 years ago.

Jack Gland, who was emcee, greeted everyone and gave us the agenda for the evening. The class picture was taken so it would be returned in time for everyone to get theirs to take home.

Peppy Peterson Wagner gave the dinner prayer and we sat down to tables which looked lovely. The centerpieces were done in our class colors - Blue and Gold - thanks to Doris and the Flower Cart.

Jack asked everyone to sign a booklet to be given to Jim and Mary Dold, both were our teachers. Then booklets were given to each classmate as a keepsake. They were exceptional, thanks to the computer age. The covers were duplicated exactly as our Annual. Our age is showing. They now call them yearbooks.

A memorial service was conducted by Peppy and Becky for the following classmates who are GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Helen Deiotte Federer, Jo-Ann Kepshire Morrisette, Eileen Lee Brown, Donald Sabinske, John Schweir and Shelia Smith Duckworth.

Things then lightened up and many funny stories were told about classmates which were enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning we gathered once more at Sand Creek for a continental breakfast and hugs all around for everyone to return home safely.

You really missed a great time. Hopefully you can make the 55th as all thought we should plan another one.

Better close as I have much to do. Stay well and safe.

In the bond of Friendship,




Posted 11/2/2001