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USW still on break from contract talks with USS

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The United Steelworkers remains on a break from contract talks with U.S. Steel Corporation but hopes to resume negotiations soon.

On Tuesday, the USW released the following statement:

“Although we are currently on a short break from the bargaining table, we thought it would be helpful to make sure all our brothers and sisters are up to speed on where things stand in our negotiations with U.S. Steel.

“Our committee looks forward to continuing our discussions soon, we remain committed to reaching a fair agreement, and we are determined to continue bargaining for as long as it takes to achieve that goal.

“Our hope is that U.S. Steel uses this time away from the table to re-evaluate its positions and re-think some of its most drastic demands for concessions. Here is a look at some of the company’s demands:

“Healthcare: The company continues to demand major changes to our healthcare benefits that, taken as a whole, would amount to thousands of dollars per year in added costs, both for active workers and retirees.

“Contract language: U.S. Steel has demanded changes to contract provisions on overtime, contracting out, transfers, SUB pay, severance, and other issues.

“Health and Safety: The company also has continued to demand control over the union’s health and safety representatives.

“Strength and solidarity: Our committee is well aware that the steel industry is in the midst of a crisis but these drastic proposals do nothing to address that. We will keep you updated as soon as any new developments occur.

“Remember, we are not alone in this fight. Our brothers and sisters at ArcelorMittal have resumed bargaining this week in the face of similar draconian demand. At Cliffs Natural Resources, USW members are continuing to bargain after agreeing to a one-month extension of their agreement. At Allegheny Technologies Inc., 2,200 of our brothers and sisters are standing strong on picket lines after being locked out of their jobs for two months.

“We appreciate the strong support we have gotten from our brothers and sisters in our plants and in our communities. That solidarity has helped our committee make the progress that we have been able to make in the face of these demands. Stay strong and keep working safely.”


Posted 10/29/2015




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