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USW reports little progress in talks with ArcelorMittal USS

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With two weeks remaining before its contract with ArcelorMittal expires, on Sept. 1, the United Steelworkers (USW) is reporting “little progress on core issues” in its latest communiquŽ, released this morning.

The text in full:

“Negotiations continued with ArcelorMittal this week in Pittsburgh, and as has been the case since our talks began, management continues to be slow to respond to our proposals while insisting on unnecessary and unreasonable concessions--particularly in the area of healthcare.

“We have made little progress with regard to our reasonable wage requests, and the company still has not responded to our pension proposal or adequately addressed our concerns about future capital expenditures, the apparently diminishing emphasis on repair and maintenance spending, and manning issues, all of which are geared toward improving the long-term security of our jobs.

“ArcelorMittal has done very well from a financial standpoint, and should continue to enjoy favorable market conditions for the foreseeable future, according to nearly every credible economic forecast.

“Management likes to talk about the ‘viability’ and ‘sustainability’ of the corporation, but our negotiations are about much more than ensuring profits for the company.

“Our negotiating committee is dedicated to achieving a fair contract that improves the economic and retirement security of our membership and retirees along with the viability and sustainability of our lifestyles and our communities.

“Please continue to focus on working safely and standing together in unity.

“We will continue working diligently to engage management on these and all other outstanding issues as our contract expiration date approaches, and with your continued support and solidarity, we are confident in our ability to do so.

“We know that you have our backs, and as these negotiations proceed, we pledge to continue to have yours.”


On Wednesday, the USW released this one-paragraph statement on the status of its contract negotiations with U.S. Steel Corporation (USS): “USS made a proposal today to cut retiree healthcare benefits, yet their executives feed at the trough. This is unfair and unacceptable!”


Posted 8/17/2018




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