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USW recaps last week's talks with Arcelor; affirms commitment to process

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The United Steelworkers negotiating team returned to Pittsburgh, Pa., last week to resume contract talks with ArcelorMittal, after a week’s break from the table.

After deadline on Friday, the union re-affirmed its commitment to settling for nothing but a fair contract in a brief communique.

The text of the statement:

“Our USW negotiating committee returned to Pittsburgh this week to resume contract talks with ArcelorMittal management.

“Our discussions, both with the company and internally, centered on current and future retiree benefits.

“We received information and reviewed presentations about the insurance and coverage options available from various providers that offer large networks.

“There remain major differences between our proposal and what the company has offered. ArcelorMittal management’s demands still include tripling the share we currently contribute and significantly reducing our coverage and benefits.

“Even before negotiations began, we knew this process would be difficult due to low steel prices caused by record levels of imported products penetrating our market.

“We were committed then as we are now to negotiating a fair contract that allows ArcelorMittal to remain competitive without creating hardship for retirees or lowering our families’ standards of living.

“While the company continues to press for these concessions on healthcare and a variety of other issues, we remain committed to the process of collective bargaining to work through them.

“Our meetings with ArcelorMittal will continue through next week. Please stay focused on safety at work and remember that our power comes from your strength and solidarity.”


Posted 11/2/2015




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