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USW blasts Arcelor for beginning open insurance enrollment without union

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The United Steelworkers is taking aim at ArcelorMittal for initiating open enrollment for 2016 insurance benefits without input from the union.

The USW released the following statement this morning:

“While negotiations for a new labor agreement are ongoing, ArcelorMittal management has initiated open enrollment for 2016 insurance benefits without any input from our union. In a similarly unilateral fashion, the company has shortened the time period for employees to elect benefit changes.

“Traditionally, the USW and ArcelorMittal have worked together to ensure a smooth open enrollment process. On several occasions in negotiations over the course of the past three months, we sought to clarify specific dates and company contacts for open enrollment, but ArcelorMittal did not respond. We object to their actions and disagree with their approach.

“Moreover, it is unfortunate that management chose to reduce the time period: nevertheless, everyone who wants to change their coverage options or enroll in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) should do so.

“If you make any coverage changes or decide to enroll in an FSA, retain proof of your submission. Acceptable proof of submission includes email, fax delivery confirmation, and certified mail receipt.

“We urge anyone who requests changes to make a copy of the election form, since we cannot trust management.

“If you are neither changing coverage options nor enrolling in an FSA, there is no need to respond.

“Please feel free to contact your local union benefits representative or call the open enrollment help line at (866) 268-3489 with questions regarding your options.”



Posted 10/27/2015




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