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USW ArcelorMittal negotiators taking a week break from talks

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The United Steelworkers is taking a one-week break from the negotiating table in its ongoing contract talks with ArcelorMittal.

In a statement released on Friday, the USW was careful to characterize the halt in talks as nothing more than a “break,” to give the members of the negotiating committee a chance to return to their home locals and “engage the USW membership in important discussions about why we must remain positive and continuously remind all levels of ArcelorMittal management at all locations that we Steelworkers are united against the company’s persistent concessionary demands.”

The union did urge the company “to use this time away from the table to consider the uncertainty and strain this unnecessarily long, drawn-out process has already caused--not only for us Steelworkers and retirees, our families, and communities--but for the stability of the company’s relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, investors, and the industry as a whole.”

“When negotiations resume after the USW committee returns to Pittsburgh on Oct. 25, we sincerely hope that by then our management counterparts will have concluded that it is truly in the best interest of ArcelorMittal and all the stakeholders . . . to bargain in good faith with the USW for a fair contract,” the USW said.

“Our committee wants to conclude these negotiations and present a tentative agreement that we can be proud to endorse for ratification, but we need ArcelorMittal to join the process with a sense of urgency to make that happen,” the USW added. “As a union, we have withstood and rejected management’s most vicious economic and non-economic contract demands by working cooperatively, standing together, sharing information, and trusting each other.”

“Finally, as always, we remind everyone to keep themselves and each other safe at work, to continue participating in rallies, and other solidarity events, and to be sure to attend union meetings,” the USW concluded.


Posted 10/19/2015






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