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USW: ArcelorMittal locals to keep talking if deadline comes and goes

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The United Steelworkers announced late last week that the union would continue to talk with ArcelorMittal, should the two parties fail to reach a new collective bargaining agreement when the current one expires at midnight tonight.

“Although we are far apart on a variety of economic and non-economic issues, we are encouraged by the overall direction of our most recent discussions,” the USW said in a communique released to the membership after deadline on Friday. “With our Sept. 1 contract expiration approaching, our committee has chosen to remain at the table and continue to negotiate rather than return to our plants to seek strike authorization from the membership. As long as we are engaged with management, we ask all USW members to continue reporting for work as scheduled.”

“Please remember that above all, we must stay focused on working safely and watching out for the safety of our co-workers,” the USW added. “Especially as we near contract expiration, please review and adhere to the safety procedures established in your area and speak up if you have concerns.”

The union also reminded members of the solidarity rally planned for all USW locals in Northwest Indiana at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, at the Local 6787 union hall and affiliated Duneland Falls Banquet Center, 1100 Ind. 149.

“We need to continue to send the message to management . . . that we are committed to negotiating fair contracts throughout the industry and will not allow them to use the current market as an excuse to gut our agreements or create hardship for our retirees,” the USW concluded.


Posted 8/31/2015




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