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Trade Court upholds Trump steel tariffs

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The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) is welcoming the decision today by the Court of International Trade (CIT) to uphold the legality of the Section 232 trade remedy in response to a lawsuit filed by foreign steel importers.

AISI President and CEO Thomas Gibson released the following statement this morning:

“Today the CIT rightly affirmed our strong belief that the constitutional challenge to the Section 232 statute was and is without merit. This lawsuit was theatre by the importers, designed to divert from the real issue which is that unfairly traded foreign imports had a disastrous impact on the steel industry, creating a real threat to our national and economic security. The president’s bold trade actions have now helped the industry gain some momentum, and today’s CIT decision builds on that momentum.

“We have consistently maintained that Congress acted within its constitutional authority when it authorized the president to take action to adjust imports, when the Secretary of Commerce has determined that such imports threaten to impair the national security. We are pleased that the CIT has agreed.”

AISI, in conjunction with the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA), in September submitted an amicus brief in the lawsuit.



Posted 3/26/2019




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