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Seven Peaks Water Park open; no Val's fewer workers

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Seven Peaks Water Park Porter--once upon a time the old Splash Down Dunes--is open and up and running for the summer season.

Now if the weather would only cooperate. “There’ve been a few days when it was cold or rainy,” General Manager Matthew Phair told the Chesterton Tribune on Monday, prompting the park to close early on a given day or not to open at all.

“When it’s been nice we’ve been doing very well,” Phair said. “All of last year’s attractions are up and doing great.”

Not all of last year’s food vendors have returned, however, one of them being Val’s Famous Pizza & Grinders, whose owner, Kevin Murray, says that he’s out around $500 which he spent on food and employee orientation because he was under the impression that Seven Peaks wanted Val’s back on the grounds again this season.

Instead he was told, after he’d shelled out the money, that Seven Peaks was ending its relationship with his pizzeria, Murray said.

Phair, for his part, said that no formal agreement about this season had ever been reached with Murray. “There was a verbal discussion, nothing in writing yet.”

In any case, the owner of Seven Peaks “decided to go in a different direction,” opting to retain only a couple of last year’s food vendors and “to do the rest of the food ourselves,” Phair said.

Murray said that he’s been told he’d be reimbursed his out-of-pocket but that hasn’t happened yet.

Meanwhile, Phair also confirmed that, in an effort “to reduce costs,” about 25 percent of the staff originally hired to work this season has been cut.

A large part of that decision was based on complaints from employees who wanted more than the 10 to 25 hours per week per employee, Phair said. “A lot of them wanted more hours because it’s their summer job.”

Who was cut and who retained were decisions based on several factors, Phair noted: whether an employee worked for the park last year, whether he or she had experience with a particular application, whether they could work full time, whether they were available to work all summer.


Posted 6/17/2014