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Paul Gipson steps down as Local 6787 president; Pete Trinidad, Sr. succeeds

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After serving more than 30 years as president of United Steelworkers Local 6787--through the tumultuous Ď80s, the hardscrabble Ď90s, and the Bethlehem bankruptcy--Paul Gipson elected not to run for re-election.

That cleared the way for long-standing Vice-President Pete Trinidad Sr. to run as Gipsonís successor.

Trinidad did so, unopposed, and has been elected Local 6787 President.

Former hot-mill griever Tim Dobkins was elected Local 6787 Vice-President.

The electionís other results:

* Recording Secretary: Jack Tipold.

* Treasurer: Bill Richardson.

* Trustees: Tony Lewis Sr., Sarah Dolph-Leidy, and Bob Hall.

* Guide: Brenda English.

* Inner Guard: Ray Jackson.

* Outer Guard: Bryan Scott.

* Financial Secretary: Ryan Kadish.


* Chair of the Grievance Committee: Dave Williams, former cold-mill griever.

* Zone 1: Steve Dujmovich.

* Zone 2: Steve Vale.

* Zone 3: Bruce Aubrey.

* Zone 4: Roy Grinnell Sr.

* Zone 5: Bob Hamscher.

* Zone 6: Kirk Roby.

Officers and grievers will be sworn in at the general membership meeting on Monday, May 4.

Local 6787 represents approximately 6,500 workers at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor.



Posted 4/27/2015




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