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NIPSCO's contracted tree trimmer is in Chesterton

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The Asplundh Tree Expert Company is in Chesterton, trimming its way through town.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune today that Asplundh’s been at work for the last couple of weeks, on contract to the Northern Indiana Public Service Company, cutting back the trees which have grown into the overhead power lines.

It’s been some time since NIPSCO last sent a tree service company through town--the utility does it every five to eight years, Schnadenberg said--and in the intervening years quite a few trees, both public street-trees and private ones, have gotten themselves tangled in the wires.

The idea is to reduce the number of power outages caused when high winds and foul weather bring the limbs down into NIPSCO’s lines, Schnadenberg noted. He added that the Street Department has received a number of calls from residents complaining about overly severe trimming. But the wires really have to be cleared, he said. “It’s been a while and so many trees have grown into the power lines that they have to cut them out.”

One particularly large street-tree--a silver maple at South 15th Street and Lincoln Ave.--was taken out altogether by Asplundh, and Schnadenberg for one was not sorry to see it go. “The tree was huge,” he said. “Its limbs were as big as trunks. We’ve been trimming it ourselves for the last couple of years and had an estimate that it would cost $3,500 to have it removed.”

Chesterton resident Paul Blosser, for his part, calculated that the silver maple in question was 223 years old, based on its diameter of 19.7 feet.

Asplundh is a multi-national company headquartered in Philadelphia specializing in tree-trimming for utilities.



Posted 2/76/2017




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