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NIPSCO urges customers to be prepared for storms

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The arrival of warmer weather in northern Indiana means the possibility of heavy rain and strong winds that can wreak havoc and create unsafe situations. As the upcoming summer season approaches, NIPSCO advises customers to take precautionary measures and prepare for severe weather to ensure their safety.

Before the Storm

Customers can stay prepared by following some simple safety tips, such as:

* Monitoring the weather and knowing what conditions are forecasted for the area.

* Creating a storm preparedness kit that includes essential medicines, nonperishable food items, water, flashlights, a fully charged cell phone, portable radios, and portable batteries.

* Reviewing insurance policies. Include extra copies of the policies and other important documents in the storm preparedness kit.

* Signing up for NIPSCO Alerts to receive up-to-date information, including power outage status updates. See below for how to sign up.

* Adding NIPSCO’s 24-hour customer service line, 1-800-4-NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726), as one of your emergency phone numbers on your cell phone. If you prefer to text to report an electric outage, be sure to save the number 444111.

* Making prior arrangements for a backup power supply if someone in your family requires life support equipment. This may mean having a generator or going to a health care facility that has backup power.

* Inspecting trees and correcting obvious problems before severe weather arrives. Dead trees and broken, dead, or decaying limbs can threaten lives or increase property damage during a storm. Never attempt to prune limbs or remove trees that are close to power lines. For your safety, always contact NIPSCO if you see a tree that you suspect is causing a potentially dangerous situation.

During the Storm

If your area is affected by a storm, be sure to stay clear of any fallen power lines. If you spot a fallen line, report it to the police and call NIPSCO’s 24-hour customer service line at 1-800-4-NIPSCO.

If you experience a power outage, please report it through one of our channels:

* Text the word “Out” to 444111

* Go to

* Call 1-800-4-NIPSCO

Additionally, please continue to stay informed. Follow local news and NIPSCO for up-to-date information. NIPSCO will also provide updates regarding the number of customers currently affected, where outages are located, and when power is expected to be restored. Use the following channels:

* Sign up for power outage alerts to receive outage updates, including estimated restoration times, via text, email or phone. Go to

* Find current information on the status of power outages and estimated restoration times. Go to

* View the same outage map and details on from your mobile device. Go to

* Follow NIPSCO’s progress through social media to view photos and power restoration updates. Go to or

* For more storm safety tips, visit

For text reports, customers will receive text responses confirming their addresses and contact information. NIPSCO does not charge for any texts; however, carriers may charge text messaging and data rates depending on the mobile plan. Remember to never text while driving.

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Posted 5/30/2018




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