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NIPSCO upgrades will be made with helicopter starting April 2

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Beginning April 2, NIPSCO and contracted crews will be using a helicopter to replace 12 miles of optical ground wire on lattice towers from Dune Acres to Michigan City.

The move will increase internal communications and connectivity to improve overall service reliability for customers. This project is just one of many current and future investments planned as part of the company’s long-term effort to modernize the gas and electric infrastructure across its entire service area.

After fully assessing the route of construction and working with regulating agencies and local stakeholders, NIPSCO’s project team found that using an aerial method, a helicopter, to perform the work would complete the project in less time while reducing land disturbance and potential impacts to local wildlife and wetlands.

“As originally planned, land-based cranes and trucks would have been required to work at approximately 62 power line tower locations, and these towers are located in wetlands and protected wildlife species habitat within the NIPSCO right-of-way,” said Gordon Ferguson, principal of natural resource permitting at NIPSCO. “Using helicopter construction will reduce the area of land disturbance by approximately 90 percent.”

Area residents and the public may notice the helicopter working from Monday to Saturday during normal business hours. Completion of the project is expected by Saturday, April 14, weather permitting.

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Posted 3/30/2018




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