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NIPSCO tells new solar projects to power 270,000 Hoosier homes

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The Northern Indiana Public Service Company is announcing that it will bring an additional 900 megawatts (MW) to Indiana with the Dunns Bridge I, Dunns Bridge II, and Cavalry solar centers.

According to a statement released today, NIPSCO has finalized three build-transfer agreements with subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources LLC, the world's largest generator of renewable wind and solar energy and a leader in energy storage. Construction on the solar projects is expected to begin in 2022 and the centers to be operational in 2022 and 2023.

NextEra Energy will construct the projects and NIPSCO will enter into joint ventures to own, operate, and maintain some facets of these assets once construction is complete.

“The addition of these three solar projects and associated battery storage is an investment in the future of Indiana and the future of NIPSCO, as we deliver on our promise of bringing safe, reliable, and affordable energy to our customers,” NIPSCO President Mike Hooper said. ‘Renewable technology continues to advance, and we are proud to be working with NextEra Energy Resources on the Dunns Bridge and Cavalry solar projects as we continue to implement our 'Your Energy, Your Future' plan.”

“The investment in this new generation will bring economic benefits to the State of Indiana, including both construction and long-term operating and maintenance jobs, along with enhancing the county tax base,” NIPSCO said.

The three solar projects were selected through a Request for Proposal solicitation which NIPSCO ran as part of its “Your Energy, Your Future” generation transition, announced in its 2018 Integrated Resource Plan. The company plans to be coal-free by 2028 by adding a combination of cleaner energy products to its existing portfolio, which includes natural gas and hydroelectric generation. “This generation transition helps deliver a more affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy mix for NIPSCO customers for years to come, saving customers $4 billion over the long term,” NIPSCO said.

The company previously announced five other renewable projects, which include a combination of joint-venture and purchased-power agreements. Two of the wind projects are near completion, including the Jordan Creek Wind Energy Center, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy. NIPSCO will purchase power directly from Jordan Creek Wind.

Dunns Bridge I and II and Cavalry project profiles:

-- Dunns Bridge I: 265 MW center located in Jasper County, with an estimated 900,000 solar panels capable of powering 79,500 homes.

-- Dunns Bridge II: 435 MW center also located in Jasper County, with an estimated 1.5 million solar panels capable of powering 130,500 homes.

-- Cavalry: 200 MW center located in White County, with an estimated 650,000 solar panels capable of powering 60,000 homes.

NIPSCO anticipates announcing additional renewable projects later this year.



Posted 10/21/2020




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