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NIPSCO says most customers should have power restored by midnight

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NIPSCO crews continued restoration efforts after Monday morning’s winter storm, which caused significant damage and outages from heavy snowfall and winds in excess of 45 miles per hour, the company said after deadline on Monday.

Several hundred cases of downed lines and broken poles and equipment have been reported and identified.

In total, more than 40,000 electric customers were affected. As of 5 p.m. Monday, approximately 6,800 customers remained without power, primarily in Porter, Lake, and LaPorte counties.

NIPSCO employees were continuing to work around-the-clock to respond to the damage, with the support of additional resources working in the call center and emergency command center to focus on power restoration efforts.

Additional outside crews and resources have been secured for added support.

Based on current information, NIPSCO was estimating that a majority of the remaining affected customers--including those in Chesterton and Valparaiso, would be restored, at the latest, by midnight tonight.

NIPSCO was also offering the following safety tips:

* Do not use ovens, gas ranges or grills to heat your home.

* Never use a generator inside your home, basement, garage or other enclosed or partially enclosed areas.

* Consider a local warming shelter as a backup plan. In Chesterton, residents may shelter at the fire station.

* Check on neighbors, particularly senior citizens or those who may be disabled.

* Avoid downed power lines, damaged poles or other hazardous situations. Every downed wire should be treated as though it is a live wire.

“NIPSCO understands that any service outage is an inconvenience, especially during extreme weather conditions,” the company said. “NIPSCO crews working on the storm thank customers for their patience and understanding during the restoration efforts.”

Restoration Process

“Following an assessment of the damage, NIPSCO’s restoration process begins with repairing large transmission and distribution lines that supply electricity to large numbers of customers in large geographic areas, including critical customers such as hospitals and emergency response,” the company said. “Repairs to other lines that serve smaller groups of customers can’t be made until the larger lines feeding electricity to those areas are repaired.”

“When crews work on damaged trees during storms, they focus on repairs that are critical to our facilities and to restoring power and do not clean up or remove branches and debris that may be left behind,” NIPSCO noted. “Contact your local municipal officials for more information on storm debris disposal.”

During power outage events, NIPSCO will continue to provide updates regarding the current number of customers affected, where outages are located and when power is expected to be restored, using the following channels:

* current information on the status of power outages and estimated restoration times.

* the same outage map and details on from your mobile device.

* or NIPSCO’s progress through popular social media channels to view photos and power restoration updates.

* up for power outage alerts to receive outage updates, including estimated restoration times via text, email or phone.

Find more storm safety tips and monitor the status of power restoration at


Posted 11/27/2018




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