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NIPSCO: High winds causes 25K outages

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The Northern Indiana Public Service Company is reporting that more than 25,000 customers lost power, at one time or another, during Tuesday’s high winds.

Although outages were concentrated in Porter, Lake, and LaPorte counties, at least some customers in nearly all of NIPSCO’s 23-county electric service territory were affected, company spokesman Nick Meyer told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Increasing waves of outages began being reported after 1 p.m. Tuesday, as sustained wind speeds reached 40 miles per hour with gusts above 50 mph, Meyer said. That made repairs challenging. “Crews would make progress and restore one area, only to encounter new outages caused by wind damage in another.”

NIPSCO did increase staffing into the evening hours, Meyer said, and by 6 a.m. today power had been restored to 99 percent of the juiceless households and businesses. At mid-morning around 300 customers, “mostly spread across some Lake County communities,” were still in the dark. “Those are expected to be restored this afternoon, as many of the remaining outages require single, individual repairs, versus a repair that would pick up several hundred or thousands of customers at a time,” Meyer said.

In Chesterton approximately 50 customers lost power at some time on Tuesday; in Porter, a handful of single customers; and in Valparaiso, 2,600.

The wind was also the proximate cause of multiple delays--and, in at least one case, an annulment--on the South Shore commuter line. “A leaning electric pole and equipment repairs were the culprit behind some of the South Shore line delays during the evening commute,” Meyer noted.

“NIPSCO crews and customer center representatives appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during the challenging night experienced by many,” Meyer added.


Posted 1/11/2017





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