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NIPSCO gas pipelines in Westchester and Pine to be checked; expect to smell gas

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Two of NIPSCO’s natural-gas pipelines in the Duneland area will be inspected this week, beginning on Tuesday, July 17, through Thursday, July 19.

Contracted crews from Minnesota Limited LLC and T.D. Williamson Inc. will be checking the pipelines to test their integrity.

“This is done to ensure we can continue to provide safe and efficient natural gas service to our customers,” NIPSCO said in a statement released after deadline on Friday.

In particular residents and businesses near C.R. 1500 North and Furnessville Road and those near C.R. 300N may hear a distinguishable audible noise and may detect natural-gas odors in the air as a result of this routine procedure.

Residents within two miles of each work site location may also hear an audible noise.

Customers are not, however, expected to experience any interruptions to their existing natural gas service.

NIPSCO is encouraging anyone who may smell natural-gas odor--regardless of whether or not they suspect it’s related to this project--to call (800) 464-7726. A service technician will be sent to check the safety of the area.

Since natural gas is colorless and odorless, NIPSCO adds a harmless, non-toxic chemical that makes it easier to detect a gas leak before it can create a hazardous situation. The chemical, called mercaptan, smells a lot like rotten eggs.

When you smell gas outside, do the following:

* If you suspect a leak outside, turn off and abandon any motorized equipment you might be using.

* Leave the area quickly.

* Warn others to stay away from the area.

* Remain outside until NIPSCO can send someone to check on the source of the odor

An odor of gas outside your home should be reported just as you would report an inside odor. Gas leaks from service lines could migrate into your home through walls or drain lines.

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Posted 7/16/2018




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