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Mechanics Local 701 strikes against Chicagoland new car dealerships

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Mechanics Local 701 has called a strike against the New Car Dealer Committee (NCDC), a group of 130 Chicagoland new-car dealerships whose collective bargaining agreement with Local 701 covers their its service technicians, the NCDC is reporting in a statement released this morning.

NCDC is a “multi-employer association” and bargains with Local 701 as a group. Its previous four-year contract with Local 701 expired on Monday, the statement said.

Negotiations began in June, and while the two parties reached tentative agreement on more than 35 issues, several other issues remain unresolved and a “final offer” made by NCDC was rejected by Local 701 on Sunday, NCDC said.

NCDC characterized that final offer as “extremely generous,” said that it “included raises of 5 percent or more each year for the three-year duration of the contract plus incentive premiums” as well as a “comprehensive suite of benefits”: “a defined benefit pension plan fully paid for by the dealers and a very generous health benefits plan for the employees and their families for which the dealers (would) pay more than 95 percent of the cost.”

“NCDC is disappointed in the Union’s decision to call a strike,” NCDC said. “Strike or not, dealers stand ready to serve their customers. The union has the right to strike, but the NCDC has every expectation that the union will conduct any picketing safely, peacefully and lawfully, and will not disrupt dealer operations.”

“Chicago area consumers should not feel the effects of any stoppage,” NCDC added. “There are 420 franchised, new-car dealers in the metropolitan Chicago market and only 130 are in included in the NCDC. Of those 130, most are making plans to keep their service departments open.”

“Service technicians are integral to the success of any new-car dealership,” NCDC noted. “Today’s automotive technicians are highly skilled, well-trained, and well-paid for the excellent work they do. Extensive training required by the automobile manufacturers is paid for by the dealers and is free to the technicians. Also, dealers invest heavily in the sophisticated tools and equipment that is required to enable the technicians to do their job. Dealers highly value the contribution service technicians make to the success of the overall business.”



Posted 8/1/2017





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