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Letter to the Editor: Your Steelworker neighbors need your support

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As a proud Union Steelworker’s wife of 37 years, I struggle to understand how anyone in our community would not support the United Steelworkers’ efforts in negotiating a fair contract, as they directly support our community in countless ways.

Steelworkers pay taxes including federal, state, local and property, which greatly helps fund our schools, libraries, police and fire departments, parks, etc.

Their living wage allows them to purchase houses (building materials, construction, insurance, repairs, lawn service); motor vehicles (gas, insurance, repairs); appliances (repairs); clothing (alterations, dry cleaning); food (grocery stores, restaurants, bars). They buy TVs, computers, cable TV, Internet, cell phones, books, magazines, newspapers, toys, bicycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, auto parts, greeting cards, flowers, antiques and collectibles, etc.

They deeply value education and send their children to college, because they want better for them.

They (currently) have comprehensive health care, which allows them to visit doctors, hospitals, dentists, eye doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and pharmacists.

Steelworkers frequent churches, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and farmer’s markets. They also volunteer their time and donate to those in need.

I’m sure you can see that Steelworkers affect, rather support, your life, business, or job in some way.

They do work that most of us couldn’t or wouldn’t; their jobs are dirty and dangerous. Many Steelworkers make around $55,000 a year, unlike the billboards on 94 would have you believe, in order to make more they sacrifice time with their families to work overtime.

What if they couldn’t afford to buy all of these things? How many other jobs would that impact?

I ask you all to stand behind the Steelworkers as they negotiate a new contract. They aren’t asking for more, just trying to keep what they have.

I urge our local businesses to put a sign in your window, Email me @ for a sign.

Thank you USW. You support us, we support you!

Thanks for reading,

Paula Deiotte


Posted 8/27/2015




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