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Letter to the Editor: Steelworkers asks local businesses to support local workers

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Editor's Note: The following appeared in the Chesterton Tribune Voice of the People column:


I work for Arcelor Mittal and I am a member of United Steel Workers Union Local 1010. At the rally held in Burns Harbor on Sept. 1st, 2015, most of the speeches by local and state politicians emphasized their support for the Steel Workers and the need for others to follow their lead. So last night after the Rally and this morning on my way to work, I drove through the town of Chesterton, where I have lived for ten years and love, I paid particular attention to the local business to see if they were openly supporting the USW by placing signs in their windows. I was so disappointed when I discovered the lack of advertised support for the Steel Workers. I do not know the percentage of the town that is made up of Steel Workers and others who work for companies that are supported by Mills and the Steel Workers, but from observation and the history of NWI I would say it is safe to assume the number is high.

So if there is a work stoppage or the Union is not given a fair contract, what will happen to the local businesses when Union Members who are spending their money there no longer are able to do that?

Hard working Union employees support local Chesterton businesses on a daily basis. So why are they all not supporting us?! Support is a two-way street.

After the rally a group of Steel Workers were looking for a place to eat supporting the US. Despite the fact that the Rally was in Burns Harbor, the group ended up going to Marko’s in Portage due to their open and publicized support. The group made the trip to Portage to show appreciation for the support and spent a substantial amount of money for dinner and drinks. Money that would have remained in the Duneland area. I am asking for my town to not let me down and rally behind me, my family, my neighbors, and the retirees.

Thank you,

Heather Szymaszek

Member USW Local 1010

Chesterton Resident


Posted 9/4/2015





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