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Frontline's Amber Hensell-Hicks is Chambers Distinguished Woman

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Over the years Frontline Foundations Inc. has helped hundreds of young people hooked on drugs or alcohol beat their addiction.

Only God knows how many lives it’s saved.

And this year Frontline Foundations’ founder and executive director, Amber Hensell-Hicks, is the Duneland Distinguished Woman, presented by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce.

Hensell-Hick “has worked tirelessly” in taking Frontline’s mission to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, the business and faith communities, and the court system, presenter Laurie Wehner-Evans said. “She continues to do this to build community partnerships to make substance abuse treatment a reality for those who could not and would not be able to receive it otherwise. She has literally built from the ground up an organization that exists to be on the front lines of the substance abuse epidemic in our community. I know a lot of people who will join an organization or contribute to a cause, but I do not know many that live their cause. Amber is literally giving her life for the Duneland community and those individuals struggling with substance abuse.”

“Amber’s initiative, creativity, and vision can also be seen in a very tangible way in the Duneland community,” Wehner-Evans noted. ”As part of Frontline’s substance abuse program, art and music recovery groups have been started. This is a very unique approach in the substance abuse treatment world. As more and more of Frontline clients began expressing their recovery through their art, the vision for using client’s art as a pay-it-forward part of their recovery starting coming to life. Five years ago this September Frontline’s Hooked on Art Street Festival was born.”

“Amber’s passion for that one person who most of us would give up on comes to life in her actions,” Wehner-Evans said. “She has the desire to bring people together to change the outlook of our community when it comes to substance abuse. Amber offers training at no charge to groups and leaders in our community to equip them to make a difference in their organizations or in someone’s life. She has helped other groups and organizations even when it may mean time or financial loss to Frontline to further the fight against substance abuse. She does all this, many hours every week, as a full-time volunteer. Thank you, Amber, for what you do for Duneland.”


Posted 7/22/2016





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