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Contractor's death in elevator shaft at Burns Harbor mill ruled accident

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The Schererville man whose body was found Sunday night at the bottom of an elevator shaft at ArcelorMittal’s Burns Harbor plant died of blunt force trauma, Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Harris has ruled the death of Gregory J. Sebahar, 53, an accident and said that an autopsy conducted on Monday determined the cause of death to be severe blunt force trauma to the chest, abdomen, and extremities.

Harris believes that Sebahar, a private contractor working alone at the time in the elevator car, was leaning out of an access door as the car was in motion and “got caught on a counter weight or a piece of framework” and was then “pulled into the elevator shaft.”

The distance to the bottom of the shaft was between 10 and 15 feet, Harris said, but Sebahar may have been mortally injured by the movement of the elevator car as he was caught between it and the wall.

Sebahar was found after he failed to respond to his radio. Harris did note that “for some reason they waited over an hour before notifying” the Coroner’s Office--at 9:32 p.m. Sunday--and that when they did “we told them that Burns Harbor Police needed to be notified” as well.

Sebahar worked for KONE Elevators & Escalator of Chicago.


Posted 4/7/2015




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