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Coats votes against emergency extension of unemployment benefits

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U.S. Senator Dan Coats, R-Ind., released the following statement on Monday after voting against legislation to extend the emergency unemployment benefits program:

“I support helping those truly in need, but the unemployment insurance benefits program needs to be reformed to ensure that it works better and is connecting those who are unemployed with available jobs,” Coats said. “Since the debate on extending these benefits began, I said that any extension must be paid for and include measures to reform the program. I offered several amendments to achieve these goals, but rather than allow an open debate, the Majority Leader blocked all amendments, including mine. Because this legislation does not include reforms this program needs, I cannot support an extension of benefits.”

“In January, Coats voted to proceed with considering an extension of unemployment insurance because he believed the Senate should have the opportunity to debate and reform this legislation,” the statement said. Coats “offered and supported a number of amendments to the bill, including one that would strengthen existing requirements to ensure unemployment benefits are going to individuals actively trying to return to the labor force. The Coats amendment would have prohibited individuals from receiving Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits if they fail to accept any offer of suitable work or if they refuse to apply for suitable work referred to them by a state employment agency. States would have the flexibility to enforce this requirement consistent with their state laws.”



Posted 4/8/2013