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Chamber President Freeze: By all measures the Chamber thrives

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The Duneland Chamber of Commerce is prospering and thriving.

By any measure.

So Chamber President Tracy Freeze declared in her State of the Chamber address, at Sand Creek Country Club.

An excerpt from her remarks:

“Over the last six-and-a-half months, I’ve learned that there are a lot of different ways to tell if you’re doing something right. One way is to listen to how people are talking about what you do. Another is to benchmark your programs against your peers. Asking for a consultant’s opinion can be valuable, as can sending out a comprehensive survey or taking a close look at the financials.

“Over the last six-and-a-half months of my Chamber presidency, I can tell you that by any and all of these measures, your Duneland Chamber of Commerce has proven that it’s doing something right. However, while I trust these indicators, I have to say that I’ve developed my own favorite way of know that we’re on track. And that’s by looking around, and seeing how many people are joining us in our efforts to build a stronger, more robust business community. Are people lending us their time, energy, and resources? Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Let me tell you--our numbers look good. Very good. Our membership has grown 10 percent over this same time last year, and our retention rate is nearly 95 percent. Duneland TODAY just published its largest issue, with more advertisers--and more positive feedback--than ever before. Attendance is up at our annual events, and the European Market has simply exploded. It’s a sold-out show with a 360-percent increase in seasonal merchants from last season. More and more members are using our ChamberMaster software to augment their web presence, and our Ambassador Committee is the largest and most vibrant to date.

“So while it’s true that we’re pleased with the positive word on the street about our Chamber, and with how we measure up against our peers, and with our surveys, audits, and financials, what I’m really excited about--what energizes me--is that every week, more people are joining our cause to create a better Duneland community.

Editor’s note: Complete coverage of the Chamber’s annual awards will appear in tomorrow’s edition of the Chesterton Tribune

Posted 7/19/2013