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Building went through the roof in the Town of Chesterton in 2016

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2016 was a banner year for building in the Town of Chesterton.

Last year the total value of all building projects--including new commercial and residential, commercial and residential remodels and additions, and home-improvement projects--was $53,666,963, compared to $33,475,082 in 2015: a 60-percent increase.

Thatís the big story from the Building Departmentís 2016 annual report.

The Building Department also issued fully one-third more permits last year: 1,044, compared to 788 in 2015. It collected 57 percent more in building permit fees: $200,253, compared to $127,639 in 2015. And it generated more than twice as much in revenues from all sources (building permit fees, park impact fees, and contractorsí registration): $457,162, compared to $221,067 in 2015.


There were only two brand-new commercial builds in 2016, but one of them--still in the early stages of construction--is a mammoth: the StoryPoint senior living facility on Dickinson Road. Total value: $19 million. The facility will include 162 living units, 120 for independent living, the other 42 for enhanced living.

The other new commercial build: Serenity Salon & Spa on Village Point in Coffee Creek Center. Total value: $900,000.

The total value of all new commercial in 2015, in contrast: $1,350,000.

Meanwhile, the total value of commercial additions in 2016 was $4,469,300. Leading that category was the addition to the Duneland Unit of the Boys and Girls Club on 1100N, with a value of $3,638,000. The total value of commercial additions in 2015 was not available.

The total value of commercial remodels in 2016, finally, was $3,753,350, compared to $891,000 in 2015. Among the notable remodels last year were the following:

* Franciscan Alliance ER, 770 Indian Boundary Road: $2,396,250.

* Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness, 810 Michael Drive: $271,000.

* Strack & Van Til, 1600 Pioneer Drive: $200,000.

* Fireflies Ltd., an indoor fun center with playground, laser tag, and arcade, 1505 South Calumet Road: $80,000.

* Ivy Spa Nails 2, 303 Indian Boundary Road: $50,000.

Other categories:

* Total value of commercial repair/replace: $882,720, compared to $313,650 in 2015.

* Total value of commercial parking lot: $389,469, compared to $377,900 in 2015.

* 82 permits were also issued for signage and billboards (44 in 2015), with a total value of $317,007 ($114,318).


The number of new single-family home builds doubled last year: 58, versus 29 in 2015. Total value: $18,350,942, versus $9,241,947 in 2015.

By the Chesterton Tribuneís rough count, half of those homes--30--were built in the Morganís Corner Neighborhood of Coffee Creek Center. Nine more were built in the Estates of Sand Creek; six in the Stone Meadows subdivision on 1100N; and five in the Brassie Estates subdivision on Pearson Road.

The rest were mostly ďfill-inĒ homes in long established neighborhoods or subdivisions.

Six building permits were also issued for duplexes in 2016, the same number as in the previous year. Total value: $1,261,600, versus $1,365,000 in 2015.


* 245 permits were issued for single-family residential repairs (184 in 2015), with a total value of $1,689,965 ($503,760 in 2015). By the Tribuneís count, 111 permits were issued for roof work; 60 permits for windows; and 19 for siding.

* 30 permits were issued for single-family remodels (25), with a total value of $731,200 ($503,750).

* 83 permits were issued for deck/porch/patio work (63), with a total value of $299,760 ($181,175).

* 63 permits were issued for fences (26), with a total value of $223,062 ($1,2200,575).

* 17 permits were issued for sheds (23), with a total value of $29,080 ($48,625).

* 14 permits were issued for swimming pools (five), with a total value of $139,800 ($89,250).

* 173 permits were issued for electric work (63), with a total value of $118,525 ($207,432).

* 109 permits were issued for plumbing work (68), with a total value of $21,170 ($21,290).


Finally, the Building Department conducted a total of 1,104 inspections of all kinds (building, electrical, plumbing, and sign permits), compared to 831 in 2015, an increase of 33 percent.



Posted 1/20/2017





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