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Blast from the past: With an ear-splitting roar a steam powered locomotive chugged its way through Chesterton Monday. The restored engine traveled through downtown on the old New York Central line, now the Norfolk Southern. Here Engine 765 begins to roll after waiting at Landman St. for more than an hour.

(Tribune photo by Aby Canright)

Echoes of the Past: Crowds gathered at each of the Chesterton downtown railroad crossings Monday afternoon in hopes of catching a glimpse of a steam powered locomotive, Engine Nickel Plate Road 765. The historic engine chugged through town on its way to Calumet City enroute to a Norfolk Southern event Saturday. Burning coal, blasting towers of smoke and steam into the air and blowing a loud steam whistle, 765 roared through town on the Norfolk Southern line. Excitement grew as Engine 765 waited over an hour for clearance to proceed from east of the Calumet Rd. crossing.



Posted 5/6/2014




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