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Bethlehem tax distribution to local governments listed

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Bethlehem Steel Corp.ís property tax bill in Porter County totaled $20.4 million this year, divided as follows to the local taxing units:

Duneland School Corp.: $13.6 million

County government: $4.03 million

Town of Burns Harbor: $1.2 million

Town of Dune Acres: $10,834

Westchester Public Library: $786,357

Porter County Library: $23,578

Westchester Township: $19,691

Portage Twp. Schools: $376,468

Portage Township: $18,076

City of Portage: $244,429

State: $20,455

County Airport: $80,972

The figures are estimates only, compiled by the Porter County Auditorís office. Bethlehem already paid one-half of its bill, so each taxing unit is still due one-half of each amount listed.

The countyís Property Tax Adjustment Board of Appeals is scheduled to hear Bethlehem Steel Corp.ís appeal of its real estate assessed valuation on Thursday.



Posted 10/17/2001