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Bethlehem Steel impact on local government listed

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The following list shows how dependent some local taxing units are on Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

The list shows the percentage of each unitís property tax collection, known as the levy, that comes just from Bethlehem, followed by the dollar amount each local unit is expected to get from Bethlehem this year.

Burns Harbor: 85 percent ($1.2 million)

Westchester Public Library: 49 percent ($809,936)

Duneland Schools: 40 percent ($13.6 million)

County Airport: 17 percent ($80,972)

County government: 17 percent ($4.03 million)

Dune Acres: 10 percent ($10,835)

Portage Schools: 5 percent ($376,467)

Portage city: 3 percent ($244,430)

Chesterton: 1 percent ($1,550)

Porter: 1 percent ($1,125)

In addition, Westchester Township is expected to get $19,691 in property taxes from Bethlehem and Portage Township, $18,076.


Posted 11/2/2001