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A how to guide to bust your smart phone budget

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NEW YORK (AP) ó If you have a smartphone with a monthly data limit, here are some tips on what types of phone use will gobble up your precious megabytes:

ó Streaming video and videoconferencing. The biggest offender. One minute of YouTube-quality video eats up 2 megabytes. If youíre on a plan that gives you 200 megabytes per month, you canít even watch Lady Gagaís ďTelephoneĒ video once per day. If youíre on a 2 gigabyte plan you can, but donít make your iPhone a replacement for a TV. In either case, itís fine to indulge in YouTube and Netflix if youíre on Wi-Fi.

ó Streaming audio. The second biggest offender, and potentially more serious. While video is something we need to see to enjoy, Internet radio is more of an accompaniment to other activities, such as jogging or doing dishes. That means some people like to keep it on for hours. Audio consumes about a quarter of the data that video does, but 10 minutes a day will break the bank if youíre on a 200 megabyte plan. One hour a day of Pandora consumes nearly a gigabyte, which you can afford if youíre on a 2-gigabyte plan and donít use other data-hogging apps.

ó Photos. If youíre a real shutterbug, photos can consume significant amounts of data. Sending and viewing photos both count toward your monthly limit. Posting 10 photos per day eats up most of a 200 megabyte plan. If youíre on a 2-gigabyte plan, you probably donít have to worry about photos.

ó Maps. Navigation apps consume lots of data when they retrieve map images, up to a megabyte a minute. Youíre also likely to use them for long periods of time when youíre away from Wi-Fi, such as when youíre driving. Watch out for these.

ó Web surfing. Web pages vary widely in size, so this will depend quite a bit on whether you like to visit graphically rich sites (lots of data) or spare, text-oriented ones (less data). But roughly speaking, ten pages a day will eat up about half of a 200 megabyte plan. Again, those on 2-gigabyte plans donít need to worry much about surfing.

ó Facebook. Roughly equivalent to Web surfing. Status updates wonít take much data, but sending photos and viewing friendsí pictures will.

ó Email. Most emails are tiny, in terms of data. Basically, you can send and receive email all you want, as long as they donít have attachments such as photos.

ó Twitter. Like email, these short messages donít use much data, but if you follow a lot of people and click on links, usage adds up.

ó Weather apps. Small, focused apps that report simple but useful things, such as the weather forecast, save data (and time) compared with looking up the same information on a Web page.


Verizonís data calculator:

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Posted 7/7/2011




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