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USW applauds outcome of Chinese consultations

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United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo Gerard has issued the following statement in response to today’s announcement by Ambassador Ron Kirk, U.S. Trade Representative, on the outcome of consultations with China on wind energy subsidies following a Section 301 petition filed last September by the USW on clean tech energy issues.

“The Steelworkers union petition and the Obama Administration's pursuit of our complaint on the Special Fund provisions brought the Chinese to the table with a commitment to end this program. That's good news for our members, U.S. companies and American workers. It needs to be followed up with continued vigilance, to ensure the Chinese keep their commitments.

“We need continued action on our other complaints in our petition to ensure that China's protectionist and predatory practices in the clean tech energy sector are eliminated.

“The USW is pleased that the Administration has been able to obtain a termination of the unfair Chinese government program raised in consultations involving prohibited subsidies under World Trade Organization (WTO) standards established for local content requirements in the wind energy sector. Termination of this program is one less distortion in the marketplace for clean energy technology products.

“Our union membership, American workers, and our nation face many more distortions and other clear WTO violations of obligations by the Chinese. With this first green technology issue behind us, we encourage the Administration to continue to work to level the playing field for clean technology companies and American workers to grow sustained employment and good job opportunities.”

For more background and a summary on the clean technology energy issues in the 5,800 page petition filed by the USW visit



Posted 6/7/2011




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