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Visclosky bill would ban federal aid to firms laying off more here than abroad

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U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, has introduced Congressman Pete Visclosky a bill which would ban any form of federal assistance to businesses which lay off a greater percentage of their U.S. workers than of those in other countries.

The bill is entitled the Fighting for American Jobs Act of 2011, according to a statement released by Visclosky’s office on Tuesday.

“During these difficult economic times, we must fight for every single American job,” Visclosky said. “Companies that lay off American workers and choose to outsource jobs should not be eligible to receive resources from the federal government. This measure would put American jobs for American workers at the forefront of the agenda of any company that receives federal assistance.”

In particular, Visclosky’s bill would require businesses that receiving publicly-funded grants, loans, and assistance to declare their number of employees, both in the U.S. and abroad, and declare as well the percentage of their workforce laid off or forced to retire each year, both in the U.S. and abroad.

With this information available to the federal government, the measure would then prohibit federal assistance to businesses which laid off in the previous year a greater percentage of workers in the U.S. than overseas.

“At this time, the federal government does not keep an accurate accounting of federal subsidies that go to companies that outsource American jobs,” the statement said.

Visclosky submitted the legislation to the clerk of the House, who will soon assign a bill number. The Speaker of the House will then refer the bill to the relevant committee.



Posted 4/6/2011




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