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Lakeside Centre for the Arts open in Chesterton

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Lakeside Centre for the Arts has opened its doors in Chesterton at 306 S. Calumet Road, with several activities for the whole family. Located in the Arts Centre is the Lakeside Dance Center, Emerald City Ballroom School, World Tai Chi and Mayers School of Irish Dance. Also, located in the same building is the Lesson Loft which offers music and vocal lessons.

Lyn Knight, director of Lakeside Centre and Lakeside Dance, is a resident of Chesterton with 30 years experience as a dance instructor, choreographer and studio owner. She has filled the need for several performing arts lessons and programs to be located in one building.

In an area already known for its artistic development, this is a convenient addition to the community. Knight 's competition teams and companies have been national level winners for several years and she has students across the nation. She stays active across the country as a national competition judge.

The Centre also includes a children's theater program to help young artists get a well-rounded introduction to theater and the theater arts. This program stems from Lyn's experience as choreographer at Star Plaza Theater in Merrillville. She is starting her seventh season at Star Plaza.

Dance classes offered are for both recreational and accelerated/competitive dance beginning at age 3.

Emerald City Ballroom School is directed by Laura Navarro of Crown Point. Navarro has been a competitor for many years and ranked seventh in the nation. She owned and operated the Crystal Ballroom Competition for several years in Chicago. Navarro is now the area's top ballroom instructor and coach with former students of hers also instructing throughout Northwest Indiana. She is excited to be moving her headquarters to Lakeside Centre. She offers children's ballroom starting at age 5 as well as adult for age 18 and up.

Peggy Guardiola is the director of the Mayers School of Irish Dance. Guardiola has been located in Chesterton for seven years. Her students are worldwide competitors and champions. She is currently preparing to compete at the World Championships in Dublin in March. Her students come from as far away as two hours drive to take advantage of her top quality instruction. Guardiola welcomes beginners starting at age 5 for recreational and competitive dancing.

Terry Hagler of World Tai Chi has been located in Portage for the past eight years. Hagler is Hong Kong certified in the Wu style. She teaches adult beginner starting at age 18. She is still studying herself and stays very active within her art. Hagler will be teaching beginner through advanced classes. She has satellite programs in other locations in Northwest Indiana.

Lakeside Centre for the Arts has over 4,000 square ft. of newly remodeled space.

For information and to register online at

 or call 219-926-1848.


Posted 2/5/2010






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