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State Police Senior falls victim to 'grandchild abroad' scam

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A Northwest Indiana senior has been scammed of nearly $3,000 after wiring the money to a person whom the senior believed to be a grandson, the Indiana State Police said.

According to police, the victim was called purportedly by a grandson, who said that he’d been arrested in a foreign country and needed $2,800 immediately in order to be allowed to leave the country.

“The victim, believing the caller to be his grandson, went to his bank, withdrew the funds, and wired the money,” police said. “The victim became suspicious when the caller called back, advising he needed more money.”

The victim subsequently discovered that the caller wasn’t his grandson.

“The scam posing as ‘grandchildren’ has been around for awhile,” police said. “Scammers call identifying themselves as a ‘grandchild’ and stated they’ve been involved in some type of accident or arrest and are in trouble and need money. The con artist will specifically tell victims not to call other relatives as they don’t want them to know what has happened as they are embarrassed.”

Some tips:

•Call before you send money, especially if you aren’t sure or are suspicious.

•Keep the transaction information confidential.

•Be suspicious of anyone who want you to send money to them.

•Don’t be rushed into wiring money.

•Check, check, check.


Posted 11/15/2011