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USW praises Senate letter on China trade practices

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Friday’s release of a U.S. Senate letter signed by 43 Senators in support of the United Steelworkers (USW) Section 301 trade petition against China’s unfair trade practices to dominate green technology has prompted praise from USW International President Leo Gerard.

The USW petition was filed last month and requires a decision of U.S. President Obama by Oct. 24.

“We are gratified by the strong support for our Section 301 green tech petition against China’s trade practices now actively being shown in the U.S. Senate with 43 signatures that joins the groundswell shown by a similar letter with 181 Members of Congress that was sent to President Obama earlier this week,” Gerard said.

“The letter’s strong declaration that subsidies, market access barriers, and other market distorting policies that tilt the green goods sector toward Chinese favor at the expense of American workers is a message upon which we all must agree to move forward with action on the USW petition,” Gerard added.


Posted 10/4/2010




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