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NIPSCO says it has enough electric capacity

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NIPSCO has enough capacity to meet the need for electricity for the next three years, according to a planning document filed today with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

The 2009 Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) projects customer requirements for electricity over the next 20 years and assesses ways to meet those requirements, the company said. “NIPSCO’s goal is to reliably and cost-effectively serve its customers today and in the future. The IRP is filed every two years.”

“Current economic conditions have resulted in a reduction in demand for electricity—particularly from large commercial and industrial customers—and have yielded a decreased forecast for energy use over the next few years,” NIPSCO said. “The 2009 IRP indicates that NIPSCO has sufficient resources in its portfolio to meet the needs of its customers through 2012, thereby eliminating the need to acquire additional resources for the short term.”

“Our findings are consistent with many utilities across the country,” NIPSCO CEO Eileen O’Neill Odum said. “However, we will continue to monitor variables such as fuel prices, environmental regulations, general market conditions, and the recovery rate of the economy. We are prepared to respond as changes in these factors occur that impact our need for additional resources.”

Based on the results of NIPSCO’s 2007 IRP, the company acquired 100 megawatts  (MW) of wind power and the 535 MW Sugar Creek natural gas generating facility that are now both providing electric service to customers, NIPSCO said.

In addition, the company has filed a request with the IURC to implement energy demand side management programs “aimed at helping customers manage their energy costs and use energy efficiently,” NIPSCO said.

“The programs are currently under review by the IURC. The expected impact on reduction of energy demand as a result of these pending energy efficiency programs was also considered in the IRP.”  



Posted 10/30/2009